K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security is antivirus and internet security software developed by K7 Computing. K7 Total Security offers protection against malware, ransomware, spam, webcam hacks, identity theft and malicious websites.

We – Matter

W.E.-Matter campaign holds that hope like a light from within to help the youth tangled in stress, difficulties and hopelessness, to untangle themselves and realize their inner strengths, get inspired and develop an attitude that leads them to a better, brighter future.

AATRAL Creations

Aaltral is in process of development of a product for Industrial safety training, which can help trainers create and schedule module-based training for their employees in a virtual environment. By the use of behavioral analysis, key points in the employee training can be highlighted which can be addressed by conducting one on one sessions.


Grand Alliance for Management Excellence and Consulting is to deliver world class education .This international alliance of academic and corporate achievers wants to give back their learning to students to explore and succeed in life.

Vivikta Natural Essentials

Vivikta is an enterprise which employs preferably women leading to be a tool for livelihood in a dignified way. We work with self-help groups and farmer producer organizations.

Order The Genie

We provide the customers with excellent support services for various products like Health Care, Personal Care, Educational Services, Facility Management, Educational Services, Spiritual Needs, etc to all services to meet the needs so that our customers can be happy.

CEO Group of Companies

CEO TSG IR and Labour Compliance Services Private Limited is a knowledge partnership venture of CEO Groups and T.S. Gopalan & Co. It is a unique venture which is an amalgam of two entities that specialize in two diverse domains essential for managing people & business. The combined expertise of these two organizations provide sound and in-depth backing force for CEO TSG and support to deliver robust end to end solutions to our patrons.

Trst Score

TRST ( Trust )  Score is a venture by Fiducia Score Private Limited. It was created to be like a Credit Score except it is a rating of employees trust.
Every company has been affected one or the other by untrustworthy or unethical employees.


Valiprolite provides technological anti-counterfeit solutions for brands. It empowers brands to secure and ensure product authenticity with QR Code.


HERAIZEN is the trusted, digital transformation partner of choice for education campuses, universities, institutes of higher learning, schools and colleges of all sizes.